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AIM Energy Group has developed a comprehensive set of new ways to execute your electricity purchase strategy ranging from improvements to traditional practices to more advanced applications. Everybody wants to find the balance between their desire to maximize savings and their tolerance for risk. AIM Energy Group gives you the power to make informed choices and find the spot that suits you best. With AIM Energy Group, you control costs and save money.

Natural Gas

Welcome to the world of commodities trading. Also known as your gas bill. Do you care about weather in the Gulf of Mexico, weekly injections into the winter reserves, or shale production throughout the U.S.? If not, then you are probably missing some key factors relating to the future cost of natural gas. As a publicly traded commodity, this means you don't just use the gas that heats your building or makes your product, you own it. For example, you can buy gas today that you won't use for months, utilize fixed price options for both the gas and its delivery component (basis) or blend these fixed price options with a variable structure.

Either way, we help you develop a sound and flexible strategy.